About Us

Building a strong team

Trivector Biomed LLP was founded in 2015 under the Trivector Group by Mr. Dilip Patil & Mrs. Sangeeta Patil. Trivector Biomed works as an exclusive partner & distributor to top international companies that manufacture healthcare equipments. With Innovation at its core, it aims to equip India’s healthcare industry with cutting edge technology from around the world.

Oue Leadership Team

 Trivector Biomed LLP was founded by Dilip and Sangeeta Patil, who have been working in the field of infertility since 1993. They decided to establish an Innovative Healthcare Service Provider in 2015 to enable Indian Healthcare Sector with Innovative Technology.

Our Vision

We aim to become India’s most trusted & leading company that provides innovative technology to Healthcare ServiceProviders in India.

We look forward to making excellent healthcare technology accessible to every Indian so that everyone can receive the best medical care.

Our Mission

We aim to transform India’s healthcare system through innovative technology at an affordable price point.

We want to spread awareness regarding the importance of innovation in the medical sector & equip all interested doctors, embryologists, ICUs, OTS, Patient Rooms, Dialysis Unit, Respiratory Clinics, Day Clinics, IVF Labs, Dental Clinics and other institutions with world-class equipments.